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Written by Dimitris Papadopoulos, expert on arbitrage betting since 2005

Arbitrage betting guide:
Everything you need to know step by step

    Before getting into the practical stage of the process, it is neccesary to give a definition of what arbitrage betting(also known as surebetting) is. Arbitrage betting is a technique, which guarantees you, either profit(if your bet wins) or no loss of your money(if your bet loses).

    To be able to do this, it is required that you have an account on B3tfair, on BetBurger and on a big and widely known betting company such as Be3t365,$toixman,etc.

    In this particular article, we will use B3t365 to show the full process because it is the most reliable betting company that will pay you without asking for extra information that you may not be able to provide.


How do I open an account?


   The process of making an account in B3tfair is really easy if you live in one of the following countries.

  • UK

  • Ireland

  • Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Estonia

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania 

  • Poland

    If you don't, then you will have to use a VPN. The VPN we use is Browsec and we suggest it because it is really cheap(60 euros per year) and easy-to use.

    Once you are set and able to access B3tfair then you can follow this simple,detailed process on how you can make a B3tfair account clicking here and following the steps one by one. 



     B3t365 is legal in the most countries so you will probably not face any problems in making an account.

     In oder to make a B3t365 account, you should follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the B3t365 homepage.

  • Click on 'SPORTS' or 'BET NOW'

  • Click on 'JOIN NOW'

  • Enter the information in each field (check below for more info)

  • Enter your deposit information.

  • Click and confirm the email you will receive.

  • Congratulations, you can now place bets on b3t365!


    Things with BetBurger are really simple. It is available in almost every country, and when you enter the website and click sign up, it is really easy to make your subscription. The price is 359 euros per month. Even though it sounds a little bit high, the profit from this activity will be more than enough to cover your subscription.

How can I fund(deposit) my Betfair and B3t365 accounts?

    Being able to deposit money into your accounts is top priority. Without money, you will not be able to place bets and consequently, you will not be able to complete the process.


    Depositing money in B3t365 is a really quick and easy process. Once your B3t365 account is open, you will notice on the top right of your screen, a button that says "Deposit". Once you press it, you will come across all the possible payment methods, B3t365 provides. If you dont have an access to a credit card that complies with B3t365, then you should consider getting one. Once you have access in a suitable credit card, then you should go on and deposit the amount of money you would like.



    Likewise, the process with B3tfair is the same. Once you have your Betfair account set, you will see in the top right of your screen a button that says "Deposit". Again, once you press this, all the available payment methods will be displayed. If you do not have access in a B3tfair-complying credit Card, the you should consider getting or borrowing one. The available payment methods are via PayPal, Skrill, Netteler, Bank transfer, Ukash and InstaDebit.

Betfair deposit.png
How much money should I deposit in each account?

    The answer in this question can only be given by you. The decision is in your hands. First of all, you should take into consideration that you should deposit the same amount of money in both accounts, as the logic behind arbitrage betting is that whatever you lose in B3t365, you should be able to take back in B3tfair and the opposite. Having this in your mind, you should decide, based on your income, how much money you are willing to invest in this business.

What is the process I should follow? 

    Finishing with the theoritical part of the process, it is time to get into the practical part of the process,the part that shows you the way you can combine all the above to make profit using this technique.

    After you make sure that you have followed all of the steps above and have managed to deposit the same amount of money in both betting companies, you should choose the browsers you would like in order to be able to open your accounts. You need to make sure that you have access in two browsers. The ones we use and recommend, are the ordinary Mozilla Firefox  and Firefox Nighly

    Once you have installed these browsers(or other browsers you would like to use), you have to open one of them (ex.Mozilla Firefox) and then log in to your B3t365 account.

    It should look like this:

Χωρίς τίτλο.png

    Then, you should go on Firefox Nightly and open both B3tfair and Betburger. Once you have opened them, your screen should look something like this(Betburger in one window and B3tfair on the other):


    When you are done and your screen looks somewhat like the pictures shown above, you should instantly deposit the same amount of money into your B3t365 and B3tfair account.

    By the time you have those settled, you are finally ready to start surebetting. 

    Starting with the process, the first thing you have to do is go to your Betburger account and click on "Surebets" which is displayed on the top middle of the screen(watch the picture below).


    Next, you should either choose "Surebets Live" or "Surebets Prematch" ,which will drive you to a window saying that "There are no filters selected". In order to fix that, you should click "Manage filters", which is located on the bottom left of your screen.

Manage filters.png

    There, you will be sited in a window, which says "Multifiters". You will have to set up Live and Prematch filters, and completely ignore the one option saying "Valuebets". So, you first need to click Prematch and then, "Add filter", which is displayed on the right bottom. Continuing, you should should ignore any blank or category you see, except from the one saying bookmakers. In this category, you should find B3t365, B3tfair and check them, as they are the betting company you are working with(check the picture below). 


    And finally, after having your Betburger set, you are ready to use this technique in order to make some profit. The first thing you need to be doing is always check Betburger. This is your "driver", because it says exactly the bets you should place in order to have some sure profit. Then, you should move on to Betfair and B3t365 to search the particular event and eventually place your bets. Here is an example on how you should exactly work(I will show an example on Prematch Surebets because it is much easier to find stabilized odds):



    After having selected Prematch in the top left of your screen, you will be sited in a page that looks like this. Let's take as an example the event between Lille and Napoli. Betburger informs us that if we place the bets presented (which are 1 and X2) in this particular event, we will have some sure profit.

    After absorbing these information, we should go as quickly as we can to find this event in both B3t365 and B3tfair.Then, what is left to do, is search the event in both of them. Both betting companies have search tools and make it really easy to find the events.

    So, we should go in B3tfair and write the name of the one team(either Lille or Napoli).

Search bar.png

    Then, we will be sited in a page looking like this:

Search 2.png

    Continuing, we should locate the event we want(in this case, Napoli-Lille) and click on it in order to get access to the possible betting options.

    Likewise, we should follow the same process with B3t365. The search bar is located on the top right of your screen.

Search bar 365.png

    After that, we should type the name of the one team and again find the event. The screen of Betfair and B3t365 should look somethng like this.

Bet365 scree.png
Btefair screen.png

    Previously, Betburger informed us that we will have sure profit if we take 1 (Napoli win) on B3t365 and X2 (draw or Lille win) on B3tfair. However, we will change the process a little bit and instead of X2 in B3tfair we will bet against Napoli. So, in B3t365 we will bet for Napoli and in Betfair, we will bet against Napoli the same amount of money. The "Bet against" on B3tfair is represented by the purple boxes and we should make sure that the odds of "Bet for" in B3t365 are always bigger than the odds of "Bet against" on B3tfair. If you watch our example, you will notice that the odds of "Bet for Napoli" in B3t365,which is 1.55, is bigger than the odd of "Bet Against Napoli" in B3fair, which is 1.51. The numbers below the odds on B3tfair is the maximum amount of money we can place in that bet. In our example, the maximum amount of money for "Bet against Napoli" is 3 euros on the odds of 1.51.

    Continuing with the process, we should first go on and place bet for Napoli in B3t365 on the odds of 1.55. What we need to do is press on the betting option,place the amount of money we would like and then press the green button that says "Bet". As you can probably understand, the more money, the more profit. Let's say that we decide to place this bet with 3 euros.

Place bet on 365.png

    Once we place the bet on B3t365, we should now go on B3tfair and "Lay(bet) against" Napoli on the odds of 1.51 with the same amount of money, which is 3 euros. In order to do that, we should go on the particular event in B3tfair, press the purple box that is next to Napoli and something will pop up on the top right of our screen. Then, we should fill the "Backer's stake" with 3 euros and finally we should press the "Enter" button on our keybord two times. Once the bet is placed, it should say "Matched Bets" on the top right of the screen.

Place bet on Betfair.png

    The same process can be folowed on Live Surebets, but it requires a lot more speed and experiece as the odds can change in a matter of seconds. One goal or even one tennis points can change the odds dramatically. The one thing you should make sure is that the the odds on B3t365 are always higher that the Betfair ones.

What is exactly happening throughout the process?

    We are aware that if someone is a begginer on arbitrage betting, it is difficult for them to uderstand what is exactly happening throughout the process and therefore, their first bets will be placed mechanically by just following word to word the process. For that, we would like to dedicate this section on explaining arbitrage betting in detail.

    So, let's take the above example (Napoli-Lille) and explain how this process works and why it can guarantee you some profit. What we did after checking Betburger, was to put a 3 euro bet for Napoli on B3t365 on the odds of 1.55.  Moreover, we placed a 3 euro bet against Napoli on B3tfair on the odds of 1.51. By betting against something, we become the betting company and we ask someone to  Bet 3 euros for Napoli on the odds of 1.51. If he accepts, which means that our bet is matched, then if Napoli wins(which means that their bet for Napoli wins and our bet against Napoli loses), then we are obligated to pay them 3x1.51=4,53.

    Now, let's take one by one all the possible outcomes of the particular event. If Napoli wins, then  we have ensured from B3t365, 3x1.55=4,65 euros. But, if our Bet for Napoli wins, then our bet against Napoli necessarilly loses. So, as explained above we are obligated to pay 3x1.51=4.53 euros. Therefore, our total revenue will be 4,65(the money we got from B3t365 for winning the bet) - 4,53( the money we lost from B3tfair for losing the bet)= 0,12 euros profit(This may seem like a very little profit, but if you place more money on higher odds, then you will have some serious profit).

    If Napoli loses or draws, then our bet on B3t365 will lose and as a result, we will lose 3 euros. However, our Bet against Napoli on B3tfair will win and we will not have to pay anything, so we will just keep the 3 euros. This means that we lost 3 euros on B3t365 and won 3 euros on B3tfair. So, even if the bet loses we have no economic loss.

What should I do if the odds change before I am able to place the bets?

    This is the major risk arbitrage betting has. If you are not quick enough to get the whole process done, then you might have some economic loss.99% of the times, a problem like that will appear in Live Surebets as the odds in Live events can change in a matter of seconds. Let's take for example the previous event, which was Napoli-Lille and assume that it was live. If we placed the bet for Napoli on B3t365, but then something important happened(ex.panalty or goal for Lille), then the bet against Napoli would rise up and surely exceed the odds of 1.55, which creates the risk of losing 3 euros. The one thing we can do is bet against Napoli on the same odds (of 1.55) and hope that things will go well for Napoli later on the match, in order for our bet to be matched. But this is gamble, and this is exactly what we are trying to avoid by surebetting. Instead of that, you should aim on losing as little money as possible.

    What you have to do, if unable to match the bet in B3tfair is to go on the new odds of the  same betting option (which was bet against Napoli) and put the amount of money, which will equate your profit on B3t365, if the bet wins. We realise that it is not uderstandable right now, so let's explain it with an example. Let's say that the live event is Trabzonspor- Fenerbahce and Betburger suggested that we should take 1, which mean bet for Trabzonspor. We decide to bet 10 euros for Trabzonspor in B3t365 on the odds of 2.62( as shown in the picture below). 


    Then, we move in to B3tfair to place 10 euros against Trabzonspor on  lower odds. However, we realise that we are not able to do so because the odds of bet against Trabzonspor is no longer lower than the B3t365 odds, which was 2.62.

Trabzonspor betfair.png

    As we can see, the odds have risen up dramatically and we are no longer able to match a bet on odds lower than 2.62. What we have to do now, is go on the same betting option(lay(bet) against Trabzonspor) and calculate the amount of money we should put in order to equate the liability with the profit, in case the bet wins. We bet 10 euros for Trabzonspor on B3t365, which means that if the bet wins, the profit will be 26-10=16 euros. So, the liabily(the money we are obligated to pay if our bet against Trabzonspor loses), should be 16. Making a quick calculation(using B3tfair), we should place 7.8 euros against Trabzonspor on the odds of 3.05. If Trabzonsor wins, then we will have no loss as we will win 16 euros from B3t365 and we will be obligated to pay 16 euros as well on B3tfair. If Trabzonspor draws or loses, then we will lose 10 euros from B3t365, but we will also win 7.8 from B3tfair, which is a loss of 7.8-10=-2.2 but, it is surely less damaging than losing all 10 euros.

Are there any problems I might face during the process?

    Once you are done making your accounts, most of the barricades and the problems of the process are over. Although, there are still some problems you may face, and this has to do with your B3t365 account. If B3t365 suspects that you are sure-betting(or arbing), then they will make some changes on your account, that make surebetting really tough and not worth. B3t365 pays the taxes of your bet, lets you cash out at almost any time and in the majority of the bets you have no limits on the amount of money you are allowed to bet. Once B3t365 suspects you are sure-betting, they will remove all these "priviledges" and then you will have to communicate with them via email in order to take these "priviledges" back.Of course, you can take your money out of your B3t365 account anytime you want, but make sure you withdraw less than 750 euros a day.

    In order to tackle these problems, we suggest that you follow these two steps. Firstly, you should be placing bets with small amounts of money(<50). Second, you should always remember your 4-digit B3t365 account code,otherwise you have no chances on unsuspending your account, as you will not be able to e-mail B3t365.

    If you want to play big amounts of money in every bet(>50), then you should always be ready for the suspension of your account. If your account is suspended and you cannot unsuspend through it communicating with B3t365, then the only option you have, is to buy a new B3t365 account, which is not easy if you are located in certain countries. 

    In conclusion, we understand that the process may seem a little complicated at a first glance, as there are many steps you should follow. However, we can guarantee that in arbitrage betting, experience is key. Without placing lots of bets mechanically, you will never be able to acquire the expericence,undrerstand exactly what is happening and eventually

multiply your profit. We suggest that you give it a try, even using a very small amount of money, playing in Prematch at first and after some time, you should also consider Live.

    We hope that we helped you find a new, not requiring side-hustle and if you think it is manageable, why not give it a try!

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